How to Survive Finals Week

How to Survive Finals Week

Leeat Elkayam and Britt Jacobson

Staff Writers

All of your teachers just told you that they will be assigning tests and projects that will be due the last week of school. You have been dreading this moment all year.  The only thing you can think about is the Shavuot break where you will all be able to sleep and hang out with friends. And of course, how can you ignore the beautiful summer weather? For the next few days, the library will become your new home. You are thinking about how to plan your study schedule, but you feel stuck. Luckily, we are here to give you tips on how to survive Finals Week.

First of all, get lots of sleep.


Have a wholesome breakfast throughout the week.

Hungry Boy at the Table

Make sure to review material every night leading up to the test day.



Drink lots of water.


Make sure to give yourself 15-20 minute study breaks in order to clear your mind, and in order to keep yourself on track.

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Make sure to wear comfortable clothing on test day.


And just remember, after this it’s SUMMER!