Mr. Savage Takes on Wheel of Fortune


Samantha Suman

Editor in Chief

This past Friday, Mr. Oliver Savage, English teacher, walked away with a $55,899 prize from one of America’s favorite TV game shows, Wheel of Fortune. The prize included a $1,000 voucher for sunglasses and a trip to the Bahamas.

The show was filmed two months in advance, and Savage was required to keep his prizes a secret until the airdate.

“The only person who knew was my wife, and I couldn’t tell the rest of my family, anyone,” Savage said.

His experience on the game show had its ups and downs. At one point, Savage was holding a one million dollar card, but immediately lost it upon spinning bankrupt. He was able to redeem himself, however, by the end of the show.

So how did a Milken teacher make it onto Wheel of Fortune?

“I literally decided I was going to apply to some game show and went to, filled out the application online, and then they called me two months later for an audition” said Savage.

Due to game show rules, this will be Savage’s one and only appearance on Wheel of Fortune. However, keep an eye out for his wife’s episode, which will air sometime in the near future!

If you would like to watch last Friday’s episode, please e-mail Mr. Savage at [email protected]