Embarrassing Moments


Shani Erdman

Staff Writer

You’re confidently presenting an oral project to your history class when you suddenly notice some of your classmates are giggling. You look down and realize….your fly is open.

Everyone has an embarrassing moment, a moment that brings internal shudders.

Brave souls have volunteered to share their stories. Below members from our Milken community share 100% authentic stories, which will hopefully make you laugh (or cringe).

For Marci Miller ‘15, an embarrassing moment was during her sophomore year at a town meeting.

“Some of my best friends neglected to tell me that I had toilet paper sticking out of my back pocket. During color wars, I was freely walking around the amphitheatre and gym during a town meeting, with toilet paper behind me (no pun intended) ” said Miller.


Dan Erdman’s ‘14, embarrassing moment was when he had a Baja Fresh lunch-spill earlier this year.

“I was casually walking into the gym for the dance-off Color Wars competition, when my friends starting laughing at me. I suddenly realized that all of the rice in my lunch bag fell all over the floor in the center of the gym. This caused a commotion and several people in my grade had to hand pick up each rice piece one-by-one, delaying the dance-off competition,” Erdman said.


Alex Cohan’s ‘15 moment was two years ago during a free period.

“Two years ago, I publicly attempted to flip off one of the lunch tables, but I ended up flat on my back. I must admit, it really did hurt, and I fell in a bush afterwards.”




Gabi Kamran’s ‘15 embarrassing moment was earlier this year.

“One day during Pre-Calc I had a coughing attack while the whole class was silent and one of my coughs came out as a scream. Mr. Watanabe stopped the class to ask me if I was okay. ”


Last, but certainly not least, is Samantha Suman’s ‘15 embarrassing moment.

“One day I was in the Alexander Muss cafeteria and it was a really crowded day and I had to get past this one kid who left his tray of food hanging slightly off the counter. I thought I was being really sly by squeezing myself by him, but I ended up knocking the tray off of the counter. The food flew everywhere. It got all over my shoes, and pretty much everything surrounding the area. The whole cafeteria stood up, looked over, and started clapping frantically. To make it better, the guy looked at me and said ‘This sucks,’ leaving my alone with his spilled food.”



It’s important to remember that it’s good to laugh at yourself sometimes. After all, if you can’t laugh at yourself, then who else can?