From the Beit Midrash to the Sahara Tent: Milken’s Festival Tips


Ivy Schneider and Natallie Mashian

Spotlight and Life Editors

With festival season coming around the corner students are scurrying to grab their fanny packs, Polaroid film, and Levi cut-offs in hopes of giving off those good vibes, man. If this will be your first year attending a festival or if you have gone in the past but haven’t known how to react to the sea of hipsters surrounding you, chill out, kemo sabe! Here are some tips brought to you by Milken’s finest faculty and students that will help you get through three days of claustrophobia, foul odors, and great music

Mr. McAdamis

“Stay hydrated, don’t take any drinks from strangers and don’t feel sorry for pushing tall people out of your way so you can see better.”

Maya Haziza ‘15

“Bring toilet paper, Purell and food.”

Ms. Mallor

“Don’t go for the scene, go for the music. Also, don’t be one of those people who pushes to the front just to feel the artists’ sweat on you.”

Adam Alkali ‘15

“Make sure you have a meeting spot, just in case you lose your friends.”

Leayam Meiri ‘15

“Stay hydrated. If there is a band you enjoy, go to the bands you really want to see, you wont have time for all of them, also be organized with your money.”

Hannah Smith ‘15

“Bring sunscreen.”

Noa Kattler Kupetz ‘14

“Bring a hat and wear comfortable shoes.”

Justin Kroll ‘14

“Be sure to drive there in a tractor, dye your hair red, don’t forget to bring your antique snow globes. All of them. Bring your compass to know where to set up the tent. Don’t wear socks, but wear gloves, obvi.”

Yelli Lewin ’15

“Wear closed-toe shoes. Also get a mini backpack, you’re gonna need one.”