Teachers Learn of SmartBoards’ Existence


McAdamis is perplexed at the existence of SmartBoards

Babudius Kroll

Ginger-in-Chief, Resident Desk-Hurdler

For students taking classes in the fourth building, life might be getting more exciting. Teachers have apparently just realized that there are SmartBoards in their classrooms. Installed last year, these SmartBoards were supposed to enhance learning in the classroom and help teachers better convey ideas. Unfortunately, these lofty goals have not been attained simply because the teachers didn’t know the SmartBoards were there.

“I always thought it was just another screen for the projector,” Mr. Jonathan Raup, math teacher, said. “I mean, it’s a lot easier to use than the screens we used to pull down.”

Raup’s sentiments appear to encompass a majority of the faculty’s views on the devices. Though the SmartBoards are able to be used as whiteboards, allowing teachers to draw even on documents and websites, most teachers have either completely ignored them or just used them as a projection screen.

“I actually was under the impression that it was a modern art piece, challenging society’s narrow views of education; the markers highlight the importance of bringing color to the otherwise colorless world through the education of our youths,” Mr. Christopher McAdamis, English teacher, said.

The administration, weary of the cost-benefit analysis of the expensive devices, has been trying to understand the reasons for the limited usage of the SmartBoards. One theory is that the placement of the SmartBoards—typically located to the side of the room—is inconvenient for teachers. Another theory is that the technology is simply too advanced for some teachers. Addressing this, some workshops to train faculty in the usage of SmartBoards have been held.

“Honestly, I was so zoned out,” McAdamis said. “I never pay attention to those workshops anymore.”

Only time will tell whether this sudden development will lead to the selling of the SmartBoards or further training.

McAdamis is perplexed at the existence of SmartBoards
McAdamis is perplexed at the existence of SmartBoards