Farsi to Be Added to Next Year’s Course Selection


Jordana Gotlieb

Staff Writer

 Due to popular demand and the overwhelming pressure of COMFF (Coalition Of Mothers For Farsi), Milken has just announced the addition of both Farsi I and Farsi II to next year’s language electives.

“I could not ignore the cries of so many who signed that petition to add the language to the curriculum,” Dr. Kimberly Schwartz, Upper School Principal, said. “The people asked for it, so here it is.”

Farsi I will be the beginner’s level for those who have had no prior exposure to the language. Like all introductory level courses, students will learn the alphabet and correct pronunciation, while dabbling in Persian culture.

“The primary goal for the course is to unify the Milken community and to expose non-Persians to the wonderful culture and language of so many of current students,” a representative of COMFF said.

Farsi II will comprise of a more advanced level of study. An oral exam will be a prerequisite to taking the class.

“Aiming to challenge and enlighten our Persian students, this level is earmarked for those who speak the language fluently at home, but have little knowledge about reading and writing in Farsi,” Schwartz said.

No teacher has been selected yet to run this course. If you know anyone who is interested, eligible, and can make a mean ghormeh sabzi, please contact Milken’s main office.