Weisserman Plans for the Future


Weisserman poses with one of his many ducks

Justin Kroll


Weisserman poses with one of his many ducks
Weisserman poses with one of his many ducks

Milken’s third head of school in as many years, Mr. Gary Weisserman has plans for many new ideas and improvements after finishing his third quarter. He appreciates the faculty’s understanding that certain changes must be implemented and hopes to work on things at the macro-level in order to help Milken tell its story better.

“What impresses me most [at Milken] is that there is a sense at this school where everybody seems to understand that what got my generation here won’t get your generation there,” Weisserman said. “Everyone seems to get that, and that’s rare.”

Weisserman was chosen as head of school in March 2013, taking over Dr. Rennie Wrubel’s interim position. Since his induction, he has encouraged faculty to submit proposals for innovative teaching ideas that have already seen great success, helped plan the Senior Tiferet trip, and introduced a State of the School address that he gave on March 10. The most important thing to Weisserman, though, is the empowerment of the students and teachers to do great things.

“I’m constantly in awe of the kids and the teachers and of the potential the school has,” he said. “We have amazing kids. You look at what our kids are working on, and they’re working on stuff they’re passionate about and they’re making a difference.”

Weisserman hopes to continue encouraging teachers to take thoughtful risks, acknowledging that “not everything will succeed, and that’s fine.” Excited by the opportunities presented by the recent split between Stephen S. Wise Temple and Milken, he has taken upon himself the job of “Chief Storyteller” with the task of spreading the story of our school to both the internal and external communities. He has also been impressed with the successes of certain transitions within the school, notably that of Dr. Kimberly Schwartz stepping into the principal role — “a position she was made for,” according to Weisserman.

Faculty members have lauded Weisserman’s progress. With high admissions numbers and big steps in annual giving, many feel confident and hopeful for the future of the school.

“It’s hard to believe that we have only had Mr. Weisserman leading our school [for a short amount of time], because of his limitless energy and his hard working espresso machine. He has pushed us all to achieve years worth of work in half a school-year,” Mr. Beau Lindsay, Assistant Principal, said. “This, plus the joy he brings to the table, makes me very excited for the future of our school!”

“The thing that stands out most to me is the opportunity for greatness,” Weisserman said. “We have the opportunity to be the very best school, and we’re going to take that.”