Hebrew vs. Math Department Rivalry


Shaniqua Erdman

Staff Writer

From the moment they first locked eyes, Ms. Monica Daranyi and Ms. Elda Dagan have had it out for one another. Their rivalry has dated all the way back to high school when Daranyi stole Dagan’s boyfriend. From best friends, they became rivals. The feud has followed them all the way into their professions, and consequently, has spread to their departments in Milken.

To make matters worse, the Hebrew and Math departments are forced to share a small office together. In this small office, they frequently engage in childish antics. To list one of the many pranks, last week Ms. Valladares admitted to secretly adding a teaspoon of salt into Ms. Shaltiel’s coffee every morning.

Additionally, the intent of the infamous “Knock Before Entering” sign that Milken students have come to know so well is to prevent students from having flying bagels assault their faces. In addition to this, the sign gives the Hebrew and Math teachers  an opportunity to quickly compose themselves before students enter the office.

“We try to keep it cordial in the office, but I can’t stand all of the whispering we get from the Hebrew teachers; they are so sassy,” said Mr. Jonathan Raup. 

When asked to express her feelings towards the Math Department, Ms. Mira Zarfati said, “Seriously chutzpah! They are so loud!”

Although they’ve been trying to keep all of the tension under wraps during their time at Milken, it has begun to escalate to a breaking point, and is precariously close to erupting.

In effort to straighten out Daranyi and Dagan’s unresolved issues, both the Hebrew and the Math departments are required to attend weekly check-ups with Milken’s school counselor, Ms. Adelina Brisbois.

“I have noticed much buried resentment and an atmosphere of competition between the two departments. With that said, I still have faith that after a few months of these weekly therapy sessions, the tension will slowly begin to ease,” Brisbois said.