March Q+A: Adelina Brisbois


Samantha Suman

News Editor

The Q+A- two students, two teachers, each month. This month we sat down with Milken’s guidance counselor Mrs. Adelina Brisbois.


Common misconception about me:

My background. I’m half persian and people don’t always realize that I am


Movie you’ve seen most:

The Notebook


One thing I can’t live without:

My husband


What you wanted to be at age 10:

A teacher


Student pet peeve:

Honestly, I try to be really understanding about students and what they do and why they do it


Procrastination technique:




I like to be outdoors and I like yoga. Honestly, hanging out with people that make me happy is my favorite pastime


Favorite thing about being a teacher:

Ah, I think I have the best job in the world! I get to be an adult in teenage world, and I actually get to be on the side of the teenagers. The best part is that I don’t have to discipline anyone and I don’t have to grade papers. I get to listen and really be here


Movie star you wish you could have taken to prom:

Ryan Gosling


Funniest word (English, or even better, in another language):

The word that comes to mind is supercalafragalisticexbialadoshious, but that is just because it is the most extreme word


Favorite Milken Trend:

People watching shows during free periods


Where do you sit at lunch: 

I have lunch when ever I can!


If you could define yourself as a fruit, what would it be:

I’m going to get all philosophical. I would say an apple because there are different kinds of apples. There are sweeter apples and sour apples. There are green, yellow and red apples. They are good for you, they are not too sweet, they are crispy. It is a versatile fruit and is easy to access


Starbucks or Coffee Bean:



Explain your favorite type of weather:

My favorite type of weather is in the fall when it is somewhere in the 70s but there is a warm wind, like the Santa Anna winds


If you had to leave America, and live in another country, where would you go:

Spain because I have family there


Aniston or Jolie: 

Jennifer Aniston


Favorite band: 

I just love country music! To the say the favorite would be hard, but the Lady Antabellum I love


What is your guilty pleasure:

Cheese, any kind of cheese pretty much


What were you like in high school:

I had a lot of different friends groups and I was usually the person that people came to with their problems. I was voted best listener in my year book. I had really bad acne and I started off really shy but ended up being really outgoing

Describe Milken in one word: