Gabi Kamran: Spotlight Poet

Gabi Kamran: Spotlight Poet

Ivy Schneider

Spotlight Editor

Gabi Kamran ‘15, February Spotlight Poet, shared a series of her poetry last week during lunch to students and faculty while at a Writes of Passage meeting. She shared poems such as “Defeat,” “High Tide,” and “Face in the Window,” which entirely represent who she is and what her voice is as a writer.

Kamran finds her ideas mainly from her own thoughts and emotions and social issues that she witnesses take place in the world. “I’m a very observant person so usually my poems are about my observations of society and people,” said the junior.

Ever since she was young she has been writing and reading. “When I was in first grade I would hide my notebook underneath the desk when the teacher wasn’t looking and I would write about two cats named Horhay and Juleiy. This went on until fifth grade,” said Kamran.

In the past she had been usually writing narratives and creative fiction. However, now, Kamran is starting to enjoy poetry more and more because of its fluidity and freedom.

The poet explains she dislikes writing about cliches, for example, love. She prefers devoting time to subjects that she is interested in like theology and religion because it is emerging and fascinating.

Other students who shared their work were Maya Haziza ‘15, Megan Taban ‘15, Sam Barry ‘15, Ethan Sassoni ‘15, Jake Fleshner ‘15, Dakota Rosen ‘15, Alex Cohen ‘15, Noah Hendlish ‘15, and Joshua Ganezer ‘15.