New Organization: Bridge to a Brighter Future

New Organization: Bridge to a Brighter Future

Avi Sholkoff

Staff Writer 

Junior Cole Stern ’15 knows the power of technology and its tremendous abilities to help people. Stern decided to create the Milken chapter of Bridge to a Brighter Future this past month. Bridge to a Brighter Future is an organization dedicated to educating children in a poor areas. “The difference between our company and a regular tutoring company, is that our tutoring is done with technology”, Stern said. The tutoring that is done by students at Milken with the help of Skype and tablets.


When asked about his inspiration for his organization, Cole cited his friends from Harvard Westlake. “Harvard Westlake is serving as the parent corporation for our organization here at Milken”.  In addition, Stern realized the prevalence of the technology at Milken, and knew that he could make a difference.


For students interested in being a tutor, contact Cole Stern at [email protected]. Anyone can apply  and community service hours will be available.