Samantha Suman

News Editor

This year, Milken will be hosting its first ever TEDx conference, organized by Daniella Wenger ’14. The speakers will focus their lectures surrounding the topic of “The New Order,” or in other words, the current state of the now.

“I want TED, which is usually seen on an adult scale, to be there for youth audiences. At Milken, we have an extraordinary student body that is involved in so many amazing and phenomenal things. That needs to be shared with others. That’s why I started TEDx,” Wenger said.

TEDx, a branch off of the nonprofit organization TED, is a program that allows independent groups to organize a “TED like experience,” as stated by the Milken TEDx website. The organization, whose slogan is “ideas worth spreading,” encourages sharing unique and unconventional ideas, and making ideas accessible to the larger community.

“TED is like a classroom,” Wenger said, “one that is interactive and intro-personal.”

Milken’s event will feature Michael Milken, as well as Milken students, faculty, and alumni. It will also be broadcasting talks from the international TED conference.

“I want this to be an annual tradition. This is just our inaugural event,” Wenger said.

The conference will take place on February 9 from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in the high school Beit Midrash.