Inspire Me

Inspire Me

Jordana Gotlieb

Staff Writer

Inspirational quotes can be very powerful. They can be used for self motivation when kept to yourself, or to motivate others to take action. The greatest thing about quotes that inspire is that they can come from almost anyone.  They can be as simple as a couple of words, or as lengthy as a speech. Notable quotable people could be politicians, authors, public advocates for causes they are passionate about, or screenwriters when taken from dialogue from a movie.  Or, it can be as simple as something said by your grandfather who repeats a saying he recalls from the old country. Often people relate to a lyric in a song that touches them in a personal way.  Whatever source these inspirational quotes originate, they have a common purpose to motivate thought and action in a positive way.

“Live your life like it’s your last day” is what Leyam Mieri ’15 has to say.  And “Dance like no one is watching you.”  Her personal interpretation of these words is that “Live your life not to please other people but only yourself.”

For Shelby Peris ’15, she says “Life will go on.”  This is something she thinks about to help her through the tough days that we all know, experience, and cannot escape.  Shelby rationalizes that “you need to let things go because life will go on and things change.”

Some other inspirational quotes that touch our Milken Students…

— Danielle Lewis ‘17

“Say whatever you have to say and I’ll stand by you”

Meaning- You can’t judge people based off of your basic knowledge of them. You have to understand where they are coming from-

 —  Anon ‘14

“ Sports don’t build character they reveal it”

“A Day without laughter is a day wasted”

— Maya Haziza ‘15

“Always keep your heart locked tight. Don’t let your heart retire”

Meaning-Never give up

—  Ariel Bina ‘15

“Nothing is impossible unless the word itself says impossible”

Meaning – I can do whatever my mind sets goals to

 — Mr. Lawrence (History Teacher)

“Study hard study often”

Meaning – concentrate on your work and do it over again till you get it right

— Adi Hadad ‘15

“Don’t worry about a thing because every little thing will be alright”

Meaning – It ensures that time will pass and everything will be alright

Whether an inspirational quote acts on the defensive to help you through a trying time, or on the offensive and provides adrenaline rushing motivation to go the extra mile, we all may be empowered through words.