One Month Old New Years Resolution

One Month Old New Years Resolution

Jordana Gotlieb

Staff Writer

Although it is has already almost been a month into the new year, 2014 is upon us, marking a new beginning. Many take the opportunity to reflect on themselves and their life and seek change.  Promises are made that are geared towards complete self-improvement, otherwise known as New Year’s Resolutions.

This year several members of the Milken community seem to have health on their minds.

It comes to no surprise with the pressures of high school and the steps to college around the corner, that mental well-being is a major focus.  When asked about her New Years Resolution, Ariel Bina ‘15 was quick to respond that she wanted “to be less stressed and a happier person.”

With school studies weighing heavily on everyone’s mind, Dan Erdman ‘14, is cognizant to “be more responsible, with not only school work but with health.” This is a mature and fortune filled way of looking at the future.

Leayam Mieri ‘15 recognizes that things can change, so her resolution is to keep the status quo by “being healthy and continuing to be happy.”

Adi Hadad ‘15 is seeking an overall mental state of mind. She says “stay positive, think before you act, and try your hardest.”

New Year’s Resolutions can come in all different shapes and sizes. Tammy Shine ‘17 seeks to “listen to people more” while reasoning that it “keeps you from being self centered and makes you think about others before yourself.” On a lighter side, the Freshman also recognizes her need to “spend less money in the Milken Mart” while revealing that “the Milken Mart is so tempting … that Arizona!”

Benji Donitz ‘14 has desires to take a more ‘stop and smell the roses’ outlook on school with his resolve to “study for the sake of learning not for the grade; society does things for the sake of getting into college.”

Whether your New Year’s Resolution is to be directly focused on a particular change you wish to make for your self or to have a more overall positive focus on life, these alterations for self-improvement will lead to a better attitude.

Often, New Year’s Resolutions are quickly broken, so take time to reaffirm what is important to you and keep taking small steps that can make your goals become a reality.

Happy belated New Year, everyone!