An Inside Look: Winter Ball 2014

Shani Erdman 

Staff Writer

This Saturday, Milken’s Winter Ball will take place at the Infusion Lounge at Universal City Walk. Student Government is keeping things fresh with additions such as performer Caked Up, Dippin’ Dots, and a photo booth.

This year, the name of the dance has been changed from “formal” to “ball.” Jodi Marcus ’14, Vice President of Management, explained that the name has been restored to its former glory because of the dance’s location.

“This year, the environment will be relaxed and clubby, not what you would envision when you hear the word ‘formal,’” Marcus said.

Although it may seem puzzling that Milken chose to have the ball on the weekend before finals, the only other time that the Milken calendar allowed for would be in late February.

Even though students are stressed out over finals, many are looking forward to Saturday night’s festivities.

“There is a great DJ and a great venue and I don’t think that there will be another Winter Ball like this for a while,” Ashley Khorsandi ‘15, class Co-President, said.

Tickets will be sold for $40 at the door.

As the Facebook event page says: “Ask a date, dress classy, and be prepared for an incredible night.”


Infusion Lounge, Hollywood