Celebrating Fuller

Celebrating Fuller

Noa Kattler Kupetz


After a week of celebration and goodbyes, break has begun, and so has Dr. Fuller’s new chapter. Student led efforts to wish Fuller farewell transpired, including a surprise town meeting, a formal Friday in respect to Fuller’s wish for students to “dress for the academy,” and a party in his ninth grade English class.

“(Fuller) has given so much to this institution, so it’s the least we can do as students who have benefitted from his efforts,” Jodi Marcus ’14 said, who spearheaded the student government-run Town Meeting. The gathering included a movie created by Arielle Mokhtarzadeh ‘14, a performance by Kol Echad, and the presentation of a scrapbook compiled by the entire student body.

“I really wanted him to have something physical to accompany him on his future endeavors, and always remind him of his home at Milken,” Marcus said, in reference to the scrapbook. Throughout the last month, students had the opportunity to jot down a special memory or message for Fuller, which student government then assembled in the scrapbook.

Fuller received a standing ovation as he bid Milken ado, reminding the students that it is his time, but also “our” time, to take advantage of all opportunities.

As Noah Mintz ’14 mentioned in his town meeting speech, Fuller has “opened many doors” for the Milken community. Fuller’s welcoming face will be missed at the Skirball steps, but his legacy will be forever present.



Click here to watch the Town Meeting honoring Fuller