Tiferet for Dummies

Samantha Suman

Leeat Elkayam

News Editor and Staff Writer

For those of you applying to Tiferet, you have probably been to countless meetings regarding the next chapter in your adventurous high school career. Being the curious person you are, you might be wondering, “What actually happens on Tiferet?” To prepare you, here is the ultimate Tiferet survival guide.

The Packing List:

I think I forgot my hairbrush back home...

1. During your first two months, you will be going on hikes through the crisp winter air. Yes, we are aware Israel is in the desert, but let us tell you, it will get cold. BRING YOUR NORTHFACE. No one will judge you for being a JAP (Jewish American Princess) if you wear it. Trust us, it will be the only thing that keeps you alive during the outdoor lectures… and occasional extreme weather conditions (Jerusalem hail storm ’13?).

2. “Actually bring water shoes” Natallie Mashian ’15 told the Roar. The Water Shoe Life didn’t choose you, you chose the Water Shoe Life. Enough said.

3. Your Core teacher holds the answers to all of your questions. Seriously, they know everything! They possess so much wisdom, they are pretty much comparable to Moses. As a point of reference, always ask your Core teacher what to bring on your tiyulim. They know best.

4. Israel is known for its Mediterranean weather, a place of sun soaked beauty, but it definitely also comes with rainy winters. Wait, what? It rains there? Yes, it does. For your own sake, bring rain boots. And just to clarify, Uggs do not make the cut.

5. “I didn’t even use my hiking boots!” said no one. Ever. They will become your new best friend, so make sure that they fit and that you have appropriate hiking socks.

Behavioral Conduct:


1. Do your best to develop a relationship with your Core teachers. They are more than educators, they are mentors and most importantly, friends. They also offer great advice.

“My wise core teacher, Gavriel, once told me that there is no such thing as awkward in Israel,” said Marci Miller ’15.

2. Respect your Madrichim! All they want to do is help you. They are amazing to talk to and by the end of the trip, will know more about you than some of your friends do. Don’t disrespect them, love them.

The cutest

3. Independence is a great thing. It is also a privilege. If you think your parents will disapprove of what you are about to do, chances are it could get you into trouble. Have fun, but be careful.



Free Time:

The best of friends

1. Don’t be afraid to try new foods! Hod Hasharon has many different restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. Some favorites include Iceberg Vulcano, Agadir, and Moshiko’s juice! Live life on the edge, guys, yallah!

2. Chances are, you will have at least one free period per day. Use it wisely. You don’t want to be stuck in your room at night when you could have gone to dinner with friends or been hanging out with your Madrichim.

3. Oh, laundry. We know that you are used to watching that big pile of clothes leave dirty and magically come back clean. In Israel, it is not like that. Try to be on top of your laundry. You can either do it yourself, or, you can send it to Dr. Clean (a personal favorite of Tif ’13).




The Room.

1. You know the old saying, “Treat someone the way you would like to be treated”? It really applies in this situation. Respect your roommates.

“Don’t keep secrets from your roommates!” Ivy Schneider ’15 told the Roar. Your roommates will become your family during these upcoming four months. The better you are as a roommate, the more fun you will have.

2. Clean your space! The worst feeling is coming home from class and having to deal with a messy room. On top of that, it is not fair to your roommates. Keeping a clean room will also cause less stress around room check time.



Regardless of all of these tips, everyone will have a different experience. The most important thing though is to have fun.

“Four months may seem like a long time but before you know it you will be on a plane back to Los Angeles and all you will want to do is go back! Hod is the home!” said Miller.