The Walking Dead: Midseason Finale Recap

Justin Leff

Staff Writer

Warning: This article contains major spoilers from The Walking Dead mid-season finale, “Too Far Gone.”

The Walking Dead is more alive than ever. Currently, the AMC hit zombie drama is the most popular show on television, eating Sunday Night Football and the World Series in key rating demos. The Walking Dead has also infested Universal Studios this past Halloween season at Halloween Horror Nights. After the mid-season finale premiered this past Sunday, the Walking Dead is on hiatus until February. Where did we leave off?

Sunday’s episode was what the last season and a half have been building up for: the epic battle between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the Governor (David Morrissey). The Governor discreetly murders the leaders of his new camp and takes charge. He then convinces his camp to take over the prison for themselves. After the Governor and his army arrive at the prison with a tank (don’t ask), the ruthless leader decapitates Hershel in front of everyone present. Rick and the his posse begin fighting the Governor and his army, tank and all, while walkers converge on the prison. Though the Governor nearly kills Rick, Michonne fatally stabs him through the stomach. The episode ends with the Governor’s girlfriend finishing him off with a pistol, as Carl and Rick escape from the burning, zombie-infested prison.

Though this episode was heartbreaking, we can rejoice over the Governor’s death. If only he didn’t kill the man who holds the prison group together, this episode might not have ended so disastrously. The life of Hershel Greene (surprisingly not Jewish) came to an end after being a regular in the show since season 2. Many fans were understandably emotional after his death. Personally, I feel that losing Hershel will greatly affect the group, now that “the man with reason” is dead. I can safely predict that Rick will takeover the leadership role once again, but now there will be a noticeable hole within the group.

Even though I am very disappointed with the outcome of this episode, I thought the producers do an excellent job of portraying the horrors of a zombie apocalypse, as usual (I highly suggest that the mourning Breaking Bad fans watch this show). Killing off two main characters is obviously a tough decision to make, but it is required to keep the show realistic. “Too Far Gone” was the most emotionally engaging episode the show has had so far, and it leaves a big cliffhanger for the next half of the season. Will Rick and Carl find the rest of the group? Where will they live, now that their thriving community has been destroyed? We’ll have to wait until February 9th to find out. Do you have any questions or ideas for what’s to come for Rick’s group? Leave your comments below and stay alive.


David Morrissey as The Governor stands outside a burning building.