Hannukah Color Games

Avi Sholkoff

Staff Writer 

This week, the seniors annihilated the competition in this year’s Hannukah Edition of Color Games. Led by their Class Council President and Vice President, Brian Younessi ’14 and Eli Patt ’14, the seniors, through tremendous enthusiasm, were exemplary role models for the younger grades.

After an intriguing dance that featured moves from Younessi, Andrew Binafard ’14, Liam Darmon ’14, and Dustin Myers ’14, the seniors claimed first place in the opening dance ceremony. Each of the grades created their own dance with the help of their class council.

The freshmen, experiencing their first Color Games, had an impressive showing finishing in third place with 250 points. Led by president Kayla Cohen ’17 and class advisor Stacey Jasper, the freshmen demonstrated their “purple pride”. In the upcoming years, the freshmen are looking to improve and show even more spirit.

In the Dodgeball tournament, the Seniors defeated the Juniors in what Binafard called “a massacre”. And in the next competition, after a Jeopardy game that had been dominated by former student Jake Davidson ’13, Student Government changed the rules. By adding a buzzer, each team now had a fair chance of winning. The junior class led by Sammy Zucker ’15, and Avi Sholkoff ’15 took down the seniors despite a slight threat by Donna Heikali ‘14 towards the end of the competition.

The final day of competition contained the famous musical chairs contest. For the juniors, this was a must-win. The ending of the contest was somewhat controversial. The senior class was afraid of a potential loss after last year’s winner Daniel Babaoff ’14 was eliminated early in the competition. The final two contestants, Andrew Binafard ’14 and Sam Suman ’15, desperately wanted to win for their respective classes. Ultimately, though, it looked different from each angle. Binafard was declared the winner, resulting in a Color Games victory for the senior class.

This year’s Color Games was one to remember. Though the donut eating contest was absent, the implementation of the buzzer added new flavor to the Jeopardy contest. Each grade demonstrated immense spirit towards one another. After another greatly planned event by student Government, what will the events be in March’s Purim Color Games?