A bountiful year ahead

Samantha Suman

News Editor

The Urban Farm, co-chaired by Allison Rollman ’14 and Shauna Shafai ’14, has received a grant from Milken Community Schools. The money will be used to improve the physicality of the garden in hopes to make it as vibrant and healthy as possible.

The farm, located on the second floor balcony of building four, has many plans for the remainder of the year. After researching other school farms, the Urban Farm has decided to adopt an idea of using milk crates instead of palettes.

“We are going to try and transition to milk crates because it takes a lot of time to build these palettes, and they are really expensive too,” said Rollman.

The Urban Farm has also brought CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) to Milken. This organization connects community centers, such as synagogues and schools, with local farmers. Every Wednesday, students and faculty have the opportunity to pick up seasonal, organic fruits and vegetables. There is also the option to have this food delivered to your house.

“It’s giving Milken students access to healthier foods and making it more convenient for families to eat healthier,” said Rollman.

By next year, the group plans on offering an elective that educates students about hunger. Topics they will discuss include food justice, food deserts, food distribution, policies, organics, and sustainability.

“Thats our greater mission with the garden. It’s not just these simple pallets, its really to educate people about where their food comes from and why it is important to have a connection to the earth,” said Rollman.

Ultimately, it is the Urban Farm’s goal to donate its crops. You can join their initiative by contacting the co-chairs, or by contacting Ms. Kattler to find out how and when to volunteer.

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