Senior Spotlight Q+A: Joey Ben-Zvi

The Q+ A two students, two teachers, each month. This month we sat down with senior Joey Ben-Zvi.

Spotlight Editor 

Ivy Schneider

Movie you’ve seen most:

What is that figure skating movie? I feel like Hilary Duff was in it.

One thing I can’t live without:

Hilary Duff.

Favorite thing about being a senior:

I feel like I have not been able to reap the benefits of being a Senior yet because it is the first semester right now, so it is really hard. But the benefits will be that we won’t have to care after first semester.

Movie star you wish you could take to prom:

That’s easy, Hilary Duff.

Favorite classes you’ve taken at Milken:

Drawing I and II. And any class with Ms. Mallor. I love the way she speaks. She has a way with her words.

Funniest Hebrew word: 

Funniest Hebrew teacher, Ms. Shaltiel. She loves me.

Most purchased item in Student Store:

Probably those plastic cups. Fern charges me a dollar each time I get one. I don’t see anyone else paying for them.

Favorite Milken Trend:

Probably BMW, Mercedes, and Audi.

Where do you sit at lunch: 

Anywhere where someone doesn’t scream when I sit down.

If you could define yourself as a fruit, what would it be:


What historical figure do you identify most with: 

Ron Artest.

Starbucks or Coffee Bean: 

Peet’s Coffee.

Explain your favorite type of weather:

Sweater Weather.

If you had to leave America, where would you go:

I would probably go vacationing with Ms. Mallor somewhere.

Miley or Hannah: 

Miley was more personal, you could become best friends with her right away, which we were. At a certain point. Hannah was the celebrity. She was the one you wanted to be associated with. Get the cameras out of my face type of thing.

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Interview conducted by Ivy Schneider

Video by Natallie Mashian