Fuller to begin new chapter

Noa Kattler Kupetz


As phrased by Assistant Principal Beau Lindsay, Dr. Roger Fuller, Upper School Principal, has three loves: family, technology, and students. In January, Fuller will be leaving his position at Milken to focus on his family and his passion for technology. Fuller will assume a position as Executive Director of the Maine International Center for Digital Learning. He hopes to spend more time with his grandchildren and utilize his expertise in technology and education.

Selfless sacrifice defines Fuller’s character. As principal, Fuller has gone above and beyond to support student organizations and ambitions. The devotion Fuller feels towards Milken, as well as the respect Milken faculty and students feel towards Fuller, was evident on Wednesday, October 22nd when Fuller announced his decision. Students reacted to the news with sadness laced with respect and excitement for Fuller’s new chapter.

From his speeches peppered with tangents to his morning greetings at the Skirball stairs, Fuller has gifted the Milken community with his earnest ways. Fuller has ingrained the idea of lishma, learning for the sake of learning, into every Milken student’s mind. He will be dearly missed, but all look forward to hearing of the vigor and advancement he brings to his new position.

In the way Fuller begins all of his speeches, we say, “Shalom.”

COMING SOON, the Roar will release an extensive piece covering Fuller’s legacy.