Now Introducing: “The Renaissance Man”

Shani Erdman

Staff Writer 

Mr. Bruce Ekstein, or “Mr. E” as the students call him, is the new at-level and AP Biology teacher. A native from New England, Ekstein moved to California only six months ago. Although this will be his first year teaching at Milken, some students may recognize him from teaching Biology over the summer.

Ekstein has brought with him a decade of biomedical and biotechnological experience in research and development for several companies and academic institutes, including Harvard Medical School.

“My experience as a researcher enables me to provide real world examples which better prepare my students for not only college but for entry into the workforce post-graduation,” Ekstein said.

Originally from Massachusetts, Ekstein came to California to reunite with his high school sweetheart, Susan.

“I followed my heart. I reconnected with a girlfriend from high school 35 years later, and I not only fell in love with her again, but I also fell in love with California,” he said.

Nicknamed “the Renaissance man” by his friends, Ekstein enjoys many hobbies when not teaching. These include building stained glass windows, scuba diving, skiing and landscape architecture. In each of these activities, he’s always had some capacity of teaching, whether as a skiing instructor, a driving instructor or a scuba diving instructor.

“Teaching is a part of me, it’s my niche,” he said.


Bruce Ekstein teaches Biology. Photo courtesy of Mr. Ekstein.