Weisserman brings energy (and ducks) to Milken

Noa Kattler Kupetz

Editor in Chief

Gary Weisserman has smoothly entered his role as Head of School, and is now comfortably situated in his duck-clad office.

“We reduckerated,” Weisserman said in reference to the collection of approximately 500 rubber ducks that are on display in his office.

Weisserman is joining the Milken community from his position as Chief Academic Officer at Scheck Hillel Community School in North Miami Beach, Florida.

“This school has more potential than any school I’ve ever seen. We have the obligation, not just the opportunity, to be the best school out there,” Weisserman said. Weisserman plans to focus in on Milken’s already established institutions. He envisions programs such as robotics, MAST, architecture, and Beit Midrash expanding into more prominent and globally conscious institutions. Weisserman wants to eliminate the feeling of being confined to Milken’s physical campus, aiming for a boundless learning experience.

Seeing that Milken is located in Los Angeles, an entertainment hub, Weisserman plans to utilize the connections and opportunities found in the city to create an entertainment arts program.

“I want to figure out how to make people passionate, whether its through film or robotics, and apply that to tenth grade chemistry, eleventh grade humanities, and ninth grade Hebrew,” Weisserman said.

As for entering a new school and community, Weisserman says that he is pleased by the warm welcome he is received in both of his roles: the Head of School, and a Milken parent.

“I’ve been blown away by the quality of people here, both students and professionals. From a dad’s perspective, my kid comes home, looks at me, and says, ‘I like the kids in my class.’”

The headmaster’s office can be a scary place, but with Weisserman approachable demeanor, as well as his quirky duck collection, the office exudes comfort. He invites Milken students to stop by, share ideas, and possibly even adopt a rubber duck.