Fashion with Compassion 2.0

Samantha Suman

News Editor

It’s back and bigger than ever. This year’s Fashion with Compassion (FWC) has broken from its traditional frame. In the words of  Hannah Berookim ‘14, “It’s a new Fashion with Compassion.”

Celine Yousefzadeh ‘11 and Lexie Sokolow ‘11 co-founded the organization in 2008 to raise money for Sderot, a city in Israel that was attacked by rockets daily. Now, not only has the show remained as an annual fundraiser, but it has grown into something greater than its original persona.

“There is one big change that all co-chairs are really excited about,” Natallie Mashian ’15, one of four co-chairs of FWC, said. “The show will be hosted by Westfield.”

Usually hosted by Stephen S. Wise Temple, this is one of the biggest changes made to the event. The co-chairs, Berookim, Daniella Farhanik ’14, Leila Aframian ’15, and Mashian, have been working very closely with a Westfield representative to plan, advertise, and coordinate the show.

When deciding what organization to support, the committee wanted to ensure that the organization would relate to Israel and relate to children. After discussing with Ms. Samantha Robins, Director of Campus Events, and Ms. Metuka Benjamin, President of Milken Community High School, they decided that this year the proceeds of the show will be donated to the Nevatim Air Base in Israel. Specifically, the money will be given to fund the kindergarten on the base. Nevatim Kindergarten educates the young minds of almost 100 families living on the base. The funds that FWC is planning on providing will help alleviate the school from its poor operating conditions.

This year, stores from Century City Mall (also referred to as “merchants” by the co-chairs) will be lending out clothing for the models to wear. The merchants have the option of letting the committee borrow the clothes, or donating a percentage of their profit from the day of the show to the Nevatim Air Base. Additionally, a few Milken student entrepreneurs will be selling merchandise from their own companies, such as Mia Suissa ‘15, founder of Catchy Things.

“I hope to get the name out about my business, sell a lot of things, and see people everywhere wearing my stuff!” said Suissa.

After two days of auditions, and multiple model committee meetings, there will be about 54 student models. This is one of the many ways for students to get involved in FWC. Many students have volunteered to help out by setting up on the day of the show and putting gift bags together. As said in the organization’s Facebook page, “FWC is built by students, for students. It empowers members to believe in themselves—and to take responsibility for serving as agents of change.”

The show will start at 12:15 on October 27th at Westfield Century City. Tickets for the event can be purchased from this link and will also be sold at Milken starting next week.


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