10 Signs you’re a Milken student

Natallie Mashian and Ivy Schneider

Life Editor and Spotlight Editor


Milken students, as diverse as they may seem, share many commonalities. How you might ask? Check out this list, and find out if you’re a true Milken student. If not, this will be very sad for you. We apologize in advance.

1. You value your Milken Mart card more than your credit card. (Sidenote: The Mart is where the heart is).

2. Friday: the day you look forward to the most, which is always accompanied by the orchestra of horns honking in the parking lot, otherwise known as Milken’s year round Auto Show.

3. You have more than three friends named Sarah, Noah, Sam, and Josh.

4. Whenever you’re listening to the Hatikvah outside of school you subconsciously stomp your foot at the drop.

5. You never know when a Tiferet vs. Laferet brawl is going to spark… Yeah, we live life of the edge.

6. You decide an entire outfit before you go to sleep and end up wearing sweats and a hoodie the next day.

7. Your diet consists of bagels, Chava’s fruit, and the occasional slice of pizza on Fridays, if you want to be bad.

8. Sorry mom, Vikki’s is my life, my life is Vikki’s.

9. Your school picture looks like a completely different person

10. You have an appointment to tint the windows of your BMW next week… During Kehillah.