You watched 4 seasons of Breaking Bad in one day? So did I!

Avi Sholkoff 

Staff Writer

Webster’s dictionary defines the word “binge” as “an unrestrained and often excessive indulgence of something.” Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph created Netflix with the intention of avoiding expensive DVD Rental Fees. They may have not planned for the binge-indulger Netflix has now become. Many Milken students watch numerous different television shows through the Netflix platform. The Roar sought out to find what shows the student body is currently watching.

The most watched shows are Orange is the New Black, and Breaking Bad. Many students can be seen watching these shows during their free periods as well as after school. Through a survey of 30 students and two teachers, the number one show as been chosen: Heisenberg wins! Of the 32 people surveyed, 10 of them said they have watched or are currently watching Breaking Bad on Netflix.

Overall, Netflix is something that all of us Milken Students and teachers alike use.

Happy Binge Watching!