15 Signs You Were a Tiferet Fellow

Leeat Elkayam

Staff Writer

Every year, Tiferet students come back with more memories than one can fit in the Friedman dorm. People cannot understand unless they have been on this unique and wonderful program. These are the 15 signs that you went on Tiferet:

1) You slept more on the bus than in your dorm room.

Nighty Night Princess

2) The one week of Gadna food was more appetizing than four months of Chadar Ochel food.

Save Our Souls

3) Not understanding why girls get dress coded when David Mitchell wears shorter shorts than you.

This Should Be Illegal

4) Every week you hiked up at least 5 miles… before you ate lunch.

Are We There Yet?

5) For lunch your options were:

–       cheese and bread

–       hummus and bread

–       frozen chicken and bread

–       cold cuts and bread

At Least It's Kosher

6) While hiking it felt like you were walking up Mount Everest, but looking back and realizing that you could compare it to the three flights of stairs at Milken.

Top of the World

7) Learning more from your core teacher than you ever will in high school.

Are We Going To Be Tested On This?

8) Your Israeli buddies acted as if they were a part of some African tribe.

Where Are We?

9) You regularly went to Blue Falafel/Sabich like it was your second home.

Nom Nom

10) You heard incredible stories from people around the world who share an amaaaaaaaazing passion for Israel and whose personalities can only be described with one word… Trippy. But really, it’s your naaaaame.

My Real Name Is Robert

11) You had to be counted three times before going on the bus.

Everyone Here? Great!

12) When you got bored you started naming the cats around campus.

Snickers? Ace?

13) Do we really need water shoes?

This Should Be Considered A Crime

14) Passing a core test was like getting into the Book of Life.

I Made It

15) You’ll never forget the memories, the good times, the connections you made, and the squishy feeling in your feet when wearing your water shoes.

Tiferet 2013