Juniors attend AIPAC Annual High School Summit

AIPAC Participants
American youth: The group in Washington, D.C. Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld.

Fourteen members of Milken’s junior class traveled to Washington D.C. from October 3 through October 5 as part of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) annual High School Summit, engaging in informative seminars emphasizing the importance of pro-Israel advocacy in today’s American youth.

“Through different lectures, we were presented chances to learn more about Israel and their position in the Middle East, along with why it is so important for Israel and the United States to remain friendly and allies,” Alexi Rosenfeld ’12, an AIPAC participant, said.

The students gained insight into the facts regarding the conflicts in the Middle East, particularly Israel’s role in the drama. By learning accurate information and how to spurn political falsities, the students were given the tools to form their own opinions.

Milken’s delegation enjoyed meeting up with alumni Joey Freeman ’09 and Sammy Schatz ’09, who are involved with Israel advocacy at UC Berkeley and Princeton respectively.

“On AIPAC, we learned how to advocate for Israel to Congress,” Rosenfeld said. “We were taught how to lobby and educate congressmen in a clear and concise way.”

Milken’s delegation had the opportunity to put their newfound skills into action in a meeting with Zahava Goldman, Congressman Henry Waxman’s legislative aide.

“The issues we discussed [with Goldman] were the sanctions of Iran, the three billion dollars in foreign aid, and urging Obama to have Abas continue peace talks with Netanyahu,” Lizzie Heyman ’12, another AIPAC participant, said.

Despite the intense round of conferences, the students had a chance to kick back and let loose with cover band Kristen and the Noise.

“We sang all of our favorite songs, danced on stage, and had an amazing time,” Heyman said.

Overall, the students found the experience to be highly rewarding, and are eagerly looking forward to integrating pro-Israel advocacy into Milken’s campus life.

“On the Summit, we learned how to combat anti-Semitic and anti-Israel sentiments on campus,” Celina Friedman ’12 said. “Despite our young age, we can still advocate and make a difference in our high school and college careers.”