What to listen to at temple: Jewish artists edition

Natallie Mashian and Ivy Schneider

Life Editor and Spotlight Editor 

No, temple isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But this playlist might get you in the mood for some good ol’ prayers and blessings.

“The Wire”- Haim



Sibling trio Haim, pronounced Chaim, Hebrew word for life, display their Jewish roots right in our faces! Just read the title to their band — it’s our tribe’s native tongue for crying out loud. Their newest hit, “The Wire,” discusses the idea about making last minute decisions… about what to wear to temple! The sisters sing, “I know I know I know I know that you’re gonna be OK anyway.” The girls are trying to relay the message that no matter what you are wearing to temple, you’ll be accepted. After all you’re there to pray, not to see a fashion show.

“Holiday”- Vampire Weekend 


You may think this is a stretch, but Vampire Weekend does have Jewish band members. Ezra Koenig, the main singer of the band, ultimate Jewish boy next door, was born and raised with a whole lotta’ Judaism. And with a degree from Columbia, he is every Milken mother’s dream. This song, “Holiday,” a Vampire Weekend classic, represents this very time of year for us Jews out there. It’s when we celebrate the new year, reflect on those awful mistakes we could not help but make, basically sit in a treehouse in our backyards, and lastly, dance with the Torah, y’all! Happy High Holidays, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

“Shine”- Wild Belle 


New kids on the block, Natalie and Elliot Bergman, are two Jewish sibz livin’ the Chai lyfe. Their debut album, Isles, has been sweeping the psychedelic pop nation for about a year now. Although their song, “Shine” does sound like a broken relationship, it has to do with Jews moving on to a new year. Duh? What else would two Jewish siblings be singing about?

“Oy Vey”- Mac Miller


The title says it all. Oy Vey is exactly how we are feeling this Yom Kippur. Hungry, tired and frustrated that you’ve been separated from Candy Crush for more than too long. And yes those twenty minutes between games will be some of the longest twenty minutes of your life, but we promise we will be there with you with a bagel and lox at the finish line. We all know and love this classic Jewish saying and having Mac Miller rap it, just makes the icing on the rugalach.

“Heads Will Roll”- Yeah Yeah Yeahs (A-Trak Remix)


Ok, ok, well this may be a Yeah Yeah Yeahs song, and who knows what religion they follow, but A-Trak, a Jewish DJ, spins his own flair in the band’s song, “Heads Will Roll.” We are going to say that is referring to that moment when we’re about to fall asleep at temple. Just as our bodies slightly starts to tilt one side, the congregation starts to sing so so loudly that our eyes shoot open and our heads pop right back up. Literally, “heads will roll, heads will roll, heads will roll on the floor”… at temple. No offense to you rabbis and cantors killing it in services this year, really you’ve been great, but everyone needs that ten second snooze once in awhile. So fellow fasters out there, stay awake this holiday and do not let your heads roll on the floor because then you’ll have to get up, and everyone will look at you and that will just be awkward. Good Luck!

“Versace” – Migos ft. Drake


Last, but definitely not least, Mr. OVO himself, Drake. We’ve all seen him at his prime, getting Bar-Mitzvahed in his HYFR music video. But in his new single, “Versace,” Drake is on a whole new level of Jewishness. Strange you may say? His lyrics obviously relate to Yom Kippur’s ultimate theme of self reflection. In one of the song’s verses he preaches, “Hundred inch TV at my house, I sit back like ‘damn, I look great on it’.” Hello! That has Yom Kippur all up everywhere! The hidden and true meaning of this lyric refers to the ritual of Jews looking back on their year, which Drake is obviously doing here through his hundred inch TV; what other way is there to reflect on your sins? And with that said…

YOLO, it’s a new year!

Special shoutout to Migos! This one’s for you!