Milken students count down the days until summer

Jodi Marcus

Staff Writer

Take a look at the exciting summers Milken students have planned!

Hannah Zelcer ’14 is preparing herself for a summer of hard but rewarding work as a counselor at Camp Hess Kramer.

“It’s a great opportunity to see my friends and learn how to be a good role model. I will be gone for 8 weeks so I really have the chance to gain independence. It will be like pre-college but more fun.”

Hannah Zelcer '14 enjoys the sun at Camp Hess Kramer














Amanda Sussman ’16 will get her tan on as she spends her summer hanging by the lake at her house in Big Bear.

“We try to go there every year especially during summer where we can go on the lake in our boat. I like being up there because its so nice to live out right on the water.”


Representing the Milken Wildcats, Sorelle Cohen ’13 will spend her summer playing basketball for team USA in the Israeli Maccabiah Competition.

“I am looking forward to meeting fellow Jewish athletes from all over the world. We won the gold medal four years ago so I am hoping to win again.”

Sorelle Cohen '13 shows off her skill on the court.


















Emily Shemian ’13 gets major shopping perks with a gig working as a floor model and salesperson at Hollister.

“It will be really valuable to get sales and retail experience.”


World traveler, Nahal Sarshar ’14, will be visiting Israel and Turkey.

“It will be great to see my family in Israel again because I haven’t seen them since Tiferet. This is my first time visiting Turkey and I heard its really beautiful and like a whole other world.”


Nahal Sarshar '14 poses with Shelby Moghavem '14 on her last trip to Israel.













After a draining high school career, Sepora Mak ’13 can finally kick back and get some well deserved rest. Sepora is looking forward to spending her days doing nothing.

“I am tired and I want to sleep. It will give me time to prepare for school. If I’m feeling adventurous I’ll take my sleeping to the beach.”


Enjoy your summers Milken!