Brainy Bundles

Ella Sherman

Staff Writer

The Brainy Bundles Book Collection, a book drive benefitting the organizations Haven Hills and Beyond Shelter, began April 24 and will continue until May 31.

The drive is accepting new or gently used books for children up to the age of 10, which will be donated to recovering victims of domestic violence at Haven Hills, and children at Beyond Shelter.

Leah Kuperman ’16 is the founder of the project, and plans on starting a club next year for interested students.

“I hope to start many drives, even ones where students can donate DVDs and school supplies,” Kuperman said.

Donated books can now be dropped off in the bins found outside the office and Dean’s Hall. For incentive, the Freshman advisory that donates the most books will be given a prize at the completion of the drive.

The books will be packaged and presented to the shelters by Kuperman and friends.

“I want to not only give these children books, but hope as well. Many of us have books we don’t need, so why not give them to kids that don’t?” Kuperman said.

Future members of the Brainy Bundles Club will have the opportunity to receive the full twenty hours of community service. The club will add emphasis to Tikkun Olam and community awareness on campus.