March Faculty Q+A: Mr. Lindsay

The Q+A- one student, one faculty member, each month. This month we sat down with Mr. Lindsay, Assistant Principal.

Conducted by Yasmine Novian


Common misconception about teachers:

That we have bad hearing; we’re wolves, we hear all.

Most creative gift, given or received:

There are many, but the framed picture of Helen of Troy from Mrs. Neal springs to mind.

Movie you’ve seen the most:

Star Wars, but Troy’s getting close thanks to years in the Latin classroom

Book you’ve read most:

Lord of the Rings

Fictional character you identify with:

Strider, see above

Obsolete item you won’t trash:

My dreamcast (classic gaming!)

What you wanted to be at age 10:

A veterinarian, I love dogs and cats

Student pet peeve:

Using the pencil sharpener!  So annoying!

Procrastination technique:


Secret hobby:

hmmmm, gaming?  Sadly parenthood has diminished this hobby…

Favorite historical figure:

The Roman Emperor Augustus, brilliant

Favorite piece of art in your home/anywhere:

My two year old son Reid’s first finger painting attempt which is framed and hung in our kitchen

Movie star you always wanted to be:

Johnny Depp

Favorite gadget:

Unoriginal answer, but iPhone

Topic you love but wont discuss at a party:

LATIN GRAMMAR!  But sadly I have been to many parties where this is an acceptable topic…

The last meal you had:

Nicky D’s pizza!

Funniest English word(s):

Defenestration (great Latin root word)

Most memorable teaching experience:

4 years ago my AP Latin students finished the class by reciting the Aeneid while standing on their desks.

Most visited website, why:


Favorite cancelled-too-soon TV show:

Firefly or Freaks and Geeks

Most beloved/interesting item at your office desk:

my H block crew

Most memorable college experience:

Latin speaking nights at the local Mexican restaurant