Prom King and Queen 2013: Jake Davidson and Kate Upton

Gabe Freeman


Jake Davidson 13’ has his mind set on a prom date for May 23, 2013.  The Milken senior hopes to take supermodel Kate Upton in what appears to be one of the more unexpected couples of this prom season.

Davidson, who asked Upton via YouTube, created a video asking the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model to “make a nice guy’s senior year the best ever.”  Davidson proceeds to dress up in a fancy suit and ask Kate, with red roses in hand, if she will accompany him to prom.

Typically when a Milken student accomplishes a noteworthy feat, he can expect an article from the Roar.  However, it is unusual that this same story makes headlines around the country, and generates enough attention for news outlets such as Yahoo! News, Fox News, Us Magazine, and the Huffington Post to also pick up the story.

The video went viral, receiving over 150,000 views since it was posted on Sunday and has even made headlines internationally.  Great Britain’s The Sun published the story, while a news website in Israel,, also wrote a blurb in its “worth watching” section.

Upton tweeted Jake back later Tuesday afternoon with a reply: “You can call me Katie if you want! How could I turn down that video! I’ll check my schedule ;).”

Jake’s 15 minutes of fame were not over yet as he appeared on both KTLA and NBC news later Tuesday night.  On Wednesday morning, Davidson appeared on the Today Show where he actually spoke to Upton on national television.  The superstar said, “I absolutely loved the video.  It was so hilarious and so creative.” She continued to say, “If everything works out, I’d love you go with you.  I know we would have blast.”

As the date approaches, Milken students cannot help but wonder how Jake will manage to get Upton to sign the permission slip allowing outside of school guests to attend prom.

Here is the video that started it all:




Check out Jake on the Today Show:

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