Spotlight Artist: Lauren Levy ’13

Yasmine Novian


Co-Spotlight Artist Lauren Levy ‘13 is showcasing her urban style artwork in the Esther and Sol Smith Family Library until Friday, March 22.

Levy discovered a passion for the arts through various courses at Milken as well as a summer program at Otis College of Art and Design.

“I love making art because it is a form of self expression that helps me relax and puts me into my own world where I can create freely,” Levy said.

As part of the Advanced Placement program, Levy has chosen “City Living” as her area of concentration. She has been greatly influenced and inspired by the different people and places that make up the city of Los Angeles. Her work mainly focuses on different aspects of urban culture, including music, fashion, food and industry.

Levy has been able to render her most expressive pieces through the use of charcoal, her favorite medium.

“I love using charcoal because it truly allows me to capture all the darks and lights within each composition. By using charcoal, I am able to render various nuances that bring my pieces to life,” Levy said.

Levy looks forward to maintaining and cultivating her passion for art throughout her college years and beyond.