The results are in! New student government elected

Gabi Kamran

Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Milken students cast their ballots to elect a new Student Government for the 2013-2014 school year. Voting was done on paper ballots immediately after the Elections Town Meeting, in which candidates for executive positions were able to give one-minute speeches to the student body. The votes are in, and The Roar is here to provide the results and to introduce you to your new Executive President and Vice President.

Class Representatives:

10th Grade Representative – Shawn Kianmahd

10th Grade Representative Evan Mateen

10th Grade Representative – Josh Nikfarjam

10th Grade Representative – Elliot Shahery


11th Grade Representative – Gabi Kamran

11th Grade Representative – Maya Haziza

11th Grade Representative Julian Kay

11th Grade Representative Eli Eshaghian


12th Grade Representative – Moshe Maleh

12th Grade Representative – Padi Nazarian

12th Grade Representative – Jonathan Rashtian

12th Grade Representative – Talia Stern


Student Government Executive Board: 

President – Noa Kattler-Kupetz

Executive Vice President – Brandon Weiss

Vice President of Finance – Tiffany Behnam

Vice President of Management – Jodi Marcus

Vice President of Communications – Eytan Wallace

Vice President of Jewish Affairs (Mazkira) Anna Stern and Emma Maier

The Roar sat down with new Vice President Brandon Weiss ’14 and President Noa Kattler-Kupetz ’14. Here’s an inside look into their plans for the 2013-2014 school year.

“This school has given a lot to me and I wanted to be able to help do something big for Milken during my final year here,” Weiss said,  “Plus, I heard there were free cookies involved.”

Weiss plans to improve Color Wars and possibly enhance the beauty of our campus.  “For Color Games, I think the school would appreciate a more concrete scoring system so they know exactly where they stand each day,” he said. “I also plan to have a mural of Dr. Fuller’s smiling face painted where the old clock used to be.”

Kattler Kupetz looks forward to an exciting, successful year for Milken Students.

“I’m a creative person, but beyond that, I’m a focused and driven leader. I want Milken students to have a year we’re proud of – a year that is fun, that is awesome, and that celebrates Milken,” Kattler Kupetz said.