Spotlight Artist: Nicole Danesh ’13

Leah Kuperman

Staff Writer

Nicole Danesh ’13 discovered her interest in art when her mom signed her up for classes as a young girl in elementary school. Almost instantly, she fell in love with it.

Danesh continued taking classes throughout all of high school and has engaged in other extra-curricular art opportunities, such as a program for high school students at the Otis College of Art and Design.

Initially, Danesh’s mother continuously pushed her to pursue her art, but now she is constantly inspired by photography and artwork to which she feels a personal connection. Danesh has a particular passion for creating portraits in both paint and pencils.

“I like to draw faces, in particular of my friends and family because I like to capture emotions in my work,” Danesh shared.

Although Danesh is not planning to be a professional artist, she is excited to continue art in the future.

“I know I’ll continue doing art wherever I end up,” Danesh said.

Be sure to check out her exposition in library before the end of March!