Spotlight Artist: Danielle Gozlan ’13

Leah Kuperman

Staff Writer

Danielle Gozlan ’13, February Spotlight Artist, has a natural talent for figure drawing, especially with graphite and colored pencil. Gozlan has taken very few art courses throughout her life, but has drawn since she was very young. The first serious course she took was AP Studio Art at Milken.

Gozlan possesses a passion for art that she believes will be ever-present in her life, both in college and beyond. Although unsure about pursuing art as a career, Gozlan has applied to many art schools and is committed to continuing her art.

“I know that I will never stop making art no matter what. If I don’t pursue art as a career, I am sure that I will always consider myself an artist and it will always be my passion,” Gozlan said.

Gozlan is currently inspired by her music and the interesting people she encounters.

“When I am having an ‘artist’s block’ I lock myself in my room with all my art supplies, blast my favorite Nirvana album, and I start free drawing,” the artist shared.

That being said, Gozlan’s source of inspiration is constantly changing. She makes a habit of channeling her personal experiences into her art. When she first became interested in art, Gozlan was lucky to have the support and encouragement that inspired her to pursue her talent.

“I think that certain people are born with an artistic side and I was lucky enough to have my parents encourage me to pursue art since I was in elementary school,” Gozlan said.

Even before elementary school, however, Gozlan began discovering her artistic side. She recalls getting in trouble for drawing through lessons in kindergarten, and acknowledges that her passion was present as far back as she can remember.

Be sure to check out her art exhibit in the library before it’s gone!