Back to the front nine at Milken

Joel Seligman

Staff Writer

Senior leadership has always been an important part of all Milken sports. Milken football has had almost thirty seniors over its first two years, boys basketball will lose nine players, and golf lost five seniors last year. Milken athletics have always used its seniors in leadership roles to guide the team.

As the golf season starts, the senior leadership of this year’s squad insists that not only will they have the classic leadership of a strong senior class, but that this year will be a good year for Milken golf.

Milken’s captains, Seniors Sam Kaplan ’13, and Ilan Chesed ’13, Gabe Freeman ’13, are confident that despite losing several seniors, they can pick up the slack and keep the squad going strong.

Alum David Lauterbach tees off last year during the golf season. Photo from the Milken Wildcats Golf facebook page.

Despite doubts that the team could match last season’s 10-4 record, the captains insist that the team has the talent and as long as the desire is there, the team can do just as well, if not better.

Kaplan responded to doubts: “We have enough talent to repeat our great season last year and very well could top it with a lot of hard work.”

This confidence comes despite Milken’s best season in ten years of playing golf last year. Last year’s team went 10-4, a record for Milken and third in league. Milken’s previous best in golf had been fourth place in league.

Milken will rely on players like Gabe Freeman ’13 and Zach Brenner ’14 to post scores in the low 40s and high 30s or a five above par. Unlike in pro-level golf, during the regular season Milken only plays the front nine holes on a course. Also at the high school level, reaching par is much more of an accomplishment than at the pro level.