February Student Q+A: Gavriella Bernat-Kunin

The Q+A- one student, one faculty member, each month. This month we sat down with senior Gavriella Bernat-Kunin.

Conducted by Yasmine Novian


Common misconception about me:

That I want to be a Rabbi. I wouldn’t be able to wake up early enough on Saturday mornings.

Most creative gift, given or received:

For my birthday I got an “Adventure Book” from UP.

Movie you’ve seen most:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Book you’ve read the most:

The Giver

One thing I cant live without:

Shabbos naps

What you wanted to be at age 10:

An artist

Favorite gadget:

My watch – and it’s not even digital

Teacher pet peeve:

When Math teachers say, “Do problems 1-10, odd.” Why not say, “1-9”?

Student pet peeve:

When students ask a teacher to postpone a test on the day of the test. I studied for today, I will forget it by tomorrow, making me just have to study again!

Procrastination technique:



Watching the Maccabeats songs

Favorite thing about being a senior:

Knowing that school ends March 22.

Movie star you wish you could take to prom:

Indiana Jones

Topic you love but wouldn’t talk about in a college interview:

My obsession with Pixar movies.

Favorite classes you’ve taken at Milken:

Any class with Rabbi Scheindlin.

Funniest Hebrew word:

(casserole) פשטידה

Most memorable learning experience:

Rabbi Scheindlin dumped a package of pistachios on the ground to teach us Talmud.

Most purchased item in Student Store:

The strawberry yogurt with the granola that you pour in.

Favorite Milken Trend:

Rabbi B-K’s Hershey kisses

Most beloved/interesting item in your school bag:

Collapsible reading glasses

Where do you sit at lunch:

I have never heard of lunch. I thought everyone just went to meetings everyday…