Milken- a School of Business?

Jodi Marcus

Staff Writer

Milken students apply their classroom learning to the real world with budding company startups and unique business propositions. These bright and innovative students have combined their book smarts with business suave to begin their young careers. Here are a few of Milken’s entrepreneurs. Lets see what they are up to!


What it is: Clothing company

Credited to: Nikoli Partiyeli ’14

Nikoli models his brand.















What inspired you to start your company?

My friends would always tell me that my doodles were cool. From that I started to put my designs on shirts and I was inspired by businesses like the Hundreds and Supreme to develop my own line.

Was it difficult getting started?

It took a lot of background research and analyzing trends of other companies. I had to learn how the whole process works and I am still figuring it out.

Is it hard managing a business while going to school?

Especially in junior year I have so many other responsibilities to prioritize and so running a business on top of everything else is complicated but I am managing.

Do Milken students buy your products? 

Most students bought my products from FWC and were inspired to check out my online catalogue at

How do you branch out to the community outside of Milken?

I utilize a lot of social media like Facebook, Insta, Tumblr… Follow us on Twitter!

Are you going to pursue this field after high school? 

I really don’t know. I would love to one day have my line sold in other stores. I am definitely considering it because this has been a great learning experience and I would like to continue to learn as much as I can.


Davidson Global, Inc.

What it is: various services including electronic recycling, tutoring, and entertainment related services.

Credited to: Jake Davidson ’13

Jake promotes his business.

















What inspired you to start your company?

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and I found these businesses to be highly lucrative and also an enjoyable hobby.

Was it difficult getting started?

Not particularly. I expanded very quickly through word of mouth and the completion of my website. I have had an incredible client base at Milken to reach out to, especially for the electronics recycling business. For that I am incredibly grateful to the community. I have had some rough patches along the way, but these tough times have provided invaluable experiences and even an autobiography!

Did you reach out to anyone in the business that could help you?

I was able to start out with some money that I made through investment in the stock market, but I looked to my lawyer who was very helpful in the construction of my business and my dad who provided great information and advice.

Did you have a mentor or inspirational figure?

Warren Buffet. I plan to make a billion dollars by the time I’m 40 through hard work, determination, and hopefully a little bit of luck. His philanthropic endeavors are also something I really respect and hope to embody.

Is it hard managing a business while going to school?

I have had to become very diligent and organized. Especially dealing with time differences as a global business, while also maintaining a normal sleep schedule. All in all, I would say it has helped with work habits tremendously.

Do you plan on branching out or enlarging your company?

Yes, when I turn 18 I am going to get my real estate and series 7 investment licenses. When I turn 22 I will get my certified public accountant license. I want to use these to branch out.

Winter Fresh Productions

What it is: Disc-Jockeying business

Credit to: Alon Winter ’14

Alon displaying his mad skills.













What inspired you to start your company? 

I wanted to play music that would make people dance.

Was it difficult getting started?

It wasn’t that difficult because a lot of my friends supported me and hired me to help me get started. I started out by DJing Milken parties.

What kind of resources did you need? 

I had to buy all of the necessary equipment and learn how to set it up. And of course, I always have a Red Bull on hand, to get myself in the energetic DJing mood.

Did you have a mentor?

No, I didn’t. I learned by myself through trial and error. I always try new things and attempt new ways to mix. If they don’t work out I keep practicing until I get it right.

Is it hard managing a business while in school:

It is challenging at times because I sometimes have events to do during the week and it conflicts with my studies but usually I DJ events on weekends so it isn’t that bad.

Do you plan on branching out?

I would love to continue to gain publicity and expand my audience. I don’t plan on making this a lifelong business though, but I will always enjoy DJing as a hobby.



Catchy Things

What it is: Accessories company

Mia sets up her booth at FWC














Mia’s brand includes bracelets, necklaces, rings, hair ties, cell phone cases, and more. The company is unique for it its eclectic and colorful style with pieces made of diverse materials such as metal, plastic, and wood. Catchy Things has successfully been marketed to the Milken community through events such as FWC, and is extended through the twitter and instagram pages. Mia markets her brand saying, “Be happy, wear Catchy.”

Currently on unofficial business promoting her brand in Israel, Mia was unable to be reached for comment. For more information, check out her Facebook Page “Catchy Things.”