The end of Football at Milken: A cheating scandal revealed

Gabe Freeman


The football program at Milken has been an incredible success story that would make for an inspirational ESPN exclusive.  The title of the movie would have been something along the lines of From Flag to Tackle: The Jewish Boys Make History.

However, a cheating scandal has taken all credibility from this once feel-good story. This fairy tale will be forever be tainted by allegations that the entire Milken team was recruited from top football programs around the city.  Not only does this break CIF rules and jeopardize the five wins the Wildcats racked up the past two years, but it also threatens the future of the program.

The Roar’s affiliate, Milken Video News reports that, “It is likely that the death penalty will be exercised to the Wildcat football program due to the excessive recruiting.”

The death penalty in football means that the school that cheated can never have a football team again.  Ever.

No one can dispute that the success of the boys football program as they managed to make playoffs in just their second season on the gridiron.  It was a rags to riches story that watched scrawny flag football athletes develop into titanic linemen in just a matter of two years.  Simply put, Wildcat fans everywhere were living the glory days.  But, none of it was done fairly and everyone who was once inspired is now in shock.  Looking back, it all makes sense that the Wildcats won their homecoming match by such an obscene number.  The other team forfeited midway through the third quarter.

“The other team was scared of the Wildcats!  I saw the other team crying after the game while there coach consoled them and assured them that everything would be okay.  I mean it was even scary just to watch the game,” a fan said after the game.

This story especially will upset the top college football programs in the nation who now lose the ability to recruit twenty 5-star athletes who now are ineligible to play.