Teachers host Big Bear Senior Ski Trip

Sam Kaplan

Sports Editor

Every year, the senior class takes a non-school affiliated trip to Big Bear to enjoy a weekend of skiing, s’more making and class bonding. Against the wishes of the faculty, the tradition has continued. This year, however, a new tradition began. The reason the faculty was always unsupportive of the trip was because the teachers were actually jealous of the seniors. This year, jealousy got the best of the teachers as they decided to join in on the fun.

“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” Beau Lindsay, Assistant Principal, said.

The seniors caravanned with the teachers up the mountain, anxiously awaiting the adventures that laid ahead. However, many people got headaches because of the foul stench along the side of the road.

After arriving at the snow, everyone met up at the cabins to plan their weekend of jubilance. Then they realized that Mr. McAdamis, an English teacher and the person in charge of opening the cabins, was stuck in traffic. After waiting for nearly two hours, McAdamis came and apologized for his broken GPS.

“Nothing says fun like spending a weekend in subzero weather with second semester seniors! Can’t we do this every weekend until the end of March?” McAdamis said.

McAdamis gets a little closer to nature and the seniors. Photo by Joel Seligman.

The rest of the first night was great fun, with some people hitting the slopes and others relaxing and playing in the snow. In charge of the skiing expedition was Pavel Lieb, a Biology teacher who also has a degree in teaching skiing. Lieb finished his day of skiing with double black diamond runs.

“It was great fun to see many Milken alpine superstars hauling down between the trees off-bounds. After just a few cuts and bruises, almost everyone made it to the lift. A couple are still drudging through the snow,” Lieb said.

The following morning, students and teachers recovered from a long day of skiing and relaxed. Some watched the Presidential Inauguration while others walked into town. The afternoon was filled with more Lieb-led skiing and sledding.

Overall, the trip was filled with a lot fun, and many of the students and teachers developed new inside jokes that have continued in the classrooms back at Milken. The students and teachers are now trying to get the administration and Milken board members to join on the trip in the coming years as well.

Fuller has shown increasing interest in the trip and recently sent a mass email to the parents about possibly making the Big Bear trip a tiyul.