LAPD Presence on Campus

Eden Jablon

Managing Editor


After the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa implemented his plan to create bonds between the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and Los Angeles public and private schools. Starting in early January, LAPD patrols have visited Milken numerous times.

“They being here physically doesn’t mean that they’ll prevent something from happening, but their presence here shows that there is the presence of law enforcement,” Mr. Reggie Rios, Head of Security, said.

Rios explained that Milken is already very well secured, but the LAPD presence is a strong deterrent that could prevent Milken security from needing to take action.

“We are a private school, [so] we have full security on all of our campuses. We are in way better shape than many other schools around the city…We have great security systems and guards,” Rios said.

Though in the first few weeks of January the rotating patrols came twice a day, they now show up with increasing infrequency. However, there is no current indication that the spontaneous patrols will stop altogether. The most important thing, Rios stressed, is that Milken is strengthening their relationship with the LAPD. Over the past few weeks, the LAPD has become familiar with Milken’s security teams and administration, so they know whom to address in case of emergency.

“It’s a good thing that we are tightening our relationship with them, [though] the reason for it is not pleasant,” Rios said.