Gong goes missing

Yasmine Novian


The Milken community is now suffering a devastating loss of a great and dear artifact. Four months since its inauguration at the first town meeting of the year, the gong has mysteriously disappeared.

While one may completely disregard this theft as humorous or trivial, it is important to realize that the Milken community has not only been robbed of a gong but has also been robbed of its spiritual connection to a higher power.

“Its unfortunate that such a beautiful and symbolic object has been taken. The perpetrators will certainly be brought to justice,” said Mrs. Anne Whiting, Director of Student Life.

The creation of the gong was a project that united the freshman class with the senior vatikim on the first day of school. Each freshman advisory and its paired vatikim created a unique design, which they then drew onto the gong. With a myriad of beautiful patterns and colors, the gong has decorated each town meeting thereafter. This symbol of strength and unity, which served as a connection between the seniors and the freshmen, has now vanished and the bridge has collapsed.

“As the 9th grade class advisor, I can share with you that a lot of the 9th graders are overcome with grief. I hope it will be found soon,” said Mrs. Monica Daryani, Math teacher.

This theft has definitely made a profound impact on the students of the class of 2016, leaving them broken and bewildered.

“Why would anyone ever want to steal my gong?” wondered Oliver Pourbaba ’16 as he cried out, clearly in a state of emotional distress.

On the foundation of Jewish ethical and spiritual values, Milken hopes to develop respectful and virtuous students. This atypical event serves to remind students of the importance of honoring others and their belongings.

If anyone has news on the whereabouts of the gong, please contact the ROAR.