Fashion Police

Natallie Mashian

Staff Writer

Everyone gets dress-coded, but does anyone truly understand what the dress code is? Now more than ever, the dress code is a problem here at Milken. Two years ago the dress code became more lenient, allowing students to wear collarless shirts and some sweatpants. But did this just create more problems for the Milken student?

Although there is a set dress code, students continuously violate the rules. Some students come to school everyday dressed in sweats, leggings and shorts, as well as skirts that are much shorter than the required length.

Recently, posters with a drawing of the “correct” dress code have been posted around the school, but rather than having both a girl and boy on it, only a girl is featured on the drawing. This seems to imply that only girls break dress code. Even though many female students have in fact gotten dress warnings, guys have also been warned for short shorts, sagging pants, and workout clothes.

Dress code is an issue that affects all Milken students, many of whom are extremely opinionated and bothered by the regulations.

“In general, I think the dress code right now is appropriate for Milken,” said Samantha Suman ’15. Yet there are still students who are confused with the dress code and are hoping for there to be a change.

“Right now I think that the dress code is really confusing. Students should be involved and compromise with the faculty and make one final dress code,” says student Bella Emsallem ’15.

Every year problems with dress code arise, and what students don’t understand is why it’s so hard to establish one final dress code, which will eliminate many of the current problems and confusion. The Community Senate will form a dress code committee dedicated to discussing next year’s dress code.