Juniors dominate Color Games

Justin Kroll

News Editor

From December 10 through December 14, the bi-annual Color Games consumed the lunchtime of most Milken students. The juniors came in first place, followed by the seniors, sophomores and freshmen. In addition to the regular events, there was a competitive fundraiser for the Jettes, a family that lost everything in Hurricane Sandy.

Monday’s event was a dance-off. In contrast with the former Color Games, which had a select group of students, this year’s dance-off encouraged grade-wide unity. The juniors won the event with a dance choreographed by Adi Nisimov ’14 and the Junior Class Council.

On Tuesday, students flocked to the gym for dodgeball. In the first round, the seniors defeated the freshmen and the juniors beat the sophomores. Then, the seniors faced off against the juniors, who, despite their younger age, were able to win the event.

On Wednesday, two representatives from each grade sat in the amphitheater for the Battle of the Wits. The seniors, represented by Jake Davidson ’13 and Maddy Siegal ’13, thrashed their opponents. Henceforth, in honor of Davidson’s three consecutive victories, the competition will be renamed the Jake Davidson Battle of the Wits.

On Thursday, seven members of each grade played an intensely competitive game of Musical Chairs. In the end, Daniel Babaoff ’14 and Nathan Kadisha ’13 circled around a single chair until the music stopped and Babaoff beat his competitor to the chair, winning the competition for the juniors.

Friday was the Max Offsay Donut-Eating Contest, which took place in the amphitheater. Benjamin Bachrach ’16, Brandon Yashouafar ’15, Shai Kohavi ’14 and Mitchell Mayer ’13 faced off to determine who could finish four jelly donuts the fastest. Yashouafar finished first, winning the competition for the sophomores.

“It proved we are the superior grade in this school, and I’m proud to be president of it,” Moshe Maleh ’14, junior class president, said.

Some Class Council members revealed their plans for the rest of the year.

“I intend for our senior class to go down as the best in history,” Davidson, senior class president, said. “I’m talking moon bounce, I’m talking slip n slide, I’m talking pool, I am talking party after party, as well as incorporating some solid community service in.”

Other class council members were a bit more reluctant to release information.

“As vice president, I can’t give away all that we’re planning. I don’t ruin the surprise,” Aviva Fallas ’16 said.