Spotlight Artist: Jamie Port ’13

Ella Sherman

Staff Writer

Jamie Port ’13 has been taking art classes since she was in fourth grade. She has mastered different art techniques for painting and drawing. Port loves to make photography personal, and her inspirations for her spotlight artist exhibit came from the different photos she was drawn to.

“Any pictures I see, or photos I like, inspire me to start drawing them out. I like to change the photo to make it my own,” Port said.

This year is Port’s second year taking Advanced Placement Studio Art at Milken, where she focuses on drawing with lead and colored pencils.

“I love adding dimension to my art. My artwork with dimension is my favorite,” Port said.

Although Port dedicates a great part of her day to art, she also likes to paint her friends’ and family’s faces with makeup.

“I’m really into makeup. I like doing my friends’ makeup, and even their moms’ makeup for events and parties,” Port said.

After painting and drawing, Port’s passion is chemistry. Advanced Placement Chemistry is her favorite class at Milken. When she goes to college next year, she hopes to double major in fine art and chemistry and wants to ultimately become a cosmetic chemist.

“I love chemistry! And I love makeup, too. So combining the two would be perfect for me,” Port said.

It was difficult for Port to pick a subject to concentrate on, but she has finally decided to paint and draw flowers.

Port does not only take classes at Milken, she also takes classes outside of school. In that class, she likes to focus on painting. Oil painting is her favorite form of art.

“I am looking forward to taking art in college, and it is safe to say that I will be painting for a very long time,” Port said.