Principal on the Patio

Eden Jablon

Managing Editor

Students gather around for Principal on the Patio. Photo courtesy of Andrea Smith.


On Monday, November 19, Dr. Roger Fuller, Upper School Principal, sat down for the first tri-annual Principal on the Patio. Fuller remained in the amphitheater from 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM to speak with students, excusing himself only to teach his English class.

“For me it was an issue of guaranteeing that at some point in the passage of a year that all kids have equal and easy access to the principal,” Fuller said.

Students who were normally unable to schedule meetings with Fuller used their free time to sign up for a conversation with him and grab a few Red Vines before continuing on their way. Some topics included why the student store is closed during kehila, the role of senior sermons and Fuller’s plan to go fishing in Maine. Throughout the day, Fuller spoke with over 40 students.

“Sometimes students may have things they want to talk about but just the raw schedule of the day prevents them,” Fuller said.

Fuller, who greets students daily at the Skirball entrance and spends lunch roaming the campus, stresses that Principal on the Patio is not a “radical departure from the norm.”

“I try very hard to be accessible; the difference here was that I set aside the day for accessibility,” Fuller said.

Fuller hopes to continue Principal on the Patio at the end of second and third quarter, after students take a breath from finals.

“Sometimes it’s really nice to be able to step out of the schedule and do something unique and different. If you want to chat with the principal, come on in,” Fuller said.