Spotlight Artist: Yasmine Novian ’13

Natalie Mashian

Staff Writer 

Turning an everyday object into art is what drives spotlight artist Yasmine Novian ’13 to keep making art.

Art has been a growing passion for Novian since the age of 6. She has taken classes at the Brentwood Art Center, Otis College of Art and Design, and here at Milken. Teachers like Ms. Dori Kulwin, art department chair, have continued to inspire Novian and help her move in the right direction.

During the summer before her sophomore year, when Novian enrolled in an art program at Otis College, her love for art grew further as she was introduced to figure drawing. She wanted to get to the level where she could easily render the body proportionally and portray movement and life within each piece.

Novian has recently focused on figure drawing in the medium of monotype print making, which can be seen in the library throughout the month of December.

Although she will not minor or major in art at college, Novian definitely wants to continue drawing and it will always remain one of her greatest passions.